The PAC Shop exists to assist and educate production tech for Performing Arts Council student group productions, covering multiple facets of theatre. Navigate the pages below to learn more about drafting, production and the ways in which the PAC Shop can help your student group manage these areas.

  • Scenery

    PAC Shop carries stocks flats, platforms, step units, and doors in addition to space and facilities for construction and painting.


    The PAC Shop has a stock of character clothing and facilities for construction and alteration.


    Whether two-dimensional or three, the PAC Shop is your resource for creating visual guides for the technical aspects of your production.


    In addition to equipment available to supplement standard inventories of campus theaters, PAC Shop staff can guide you in your lighting design.

    Production Organization

    The PAC Shop provides student performing arts groups with guides on typical production staff, calendar, and workflow.

    Props & Furniture

    A wide variety of prop and furniture pieces are in stock at the PAC Shop. If we don’t have a specific prop or furniture piece you are looking for, PAC Shop staff can guide you in finding or fabricating items.