Technical Resources for Virtual Performances

For assistance or questions about technical needs for Virtual Performances, please contact the PAC Shop directly. 

Instructional Videos:

  • Vimeo Video School – Vimeo Video school has great simple instructional videos that explain common needs for recording videos. Topics include: Recording sound with your phone, DIY, Adobe Premiere Pro tips, and more! 
  • DIY lighting  for video. This can also be used for improving the lighting on your video calls!
  • Check out this guide from the library that lists resources available in Audio and Video Production as well as Graphic Design. It also links to LinkedIn Learning videos which can assist in the knowledge to create your production. 
  • The library also hosts monthly workshops on beginning editing. Check out the calendar here
  • Introduction to OBS videos on Youtube.
  • Virtual Choir instructional videos. Easy Virtual Choir link can be found here. This is a no frills software that allows you to make music in the “Brady Bunch” squares, but also allows you to adjust track volumes on individual videos. 

Video Resources:

  • ScreeningRoom – Allows you to “screen” a video and give feedback.
  • Filmic Pro – Approximately $14.99 on the App store. Upgrades the video recording capabilities of your iphone/ipad.
  • How to use a green screen – Suggestions for lighting a green screen from Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Green screen editing in imovie – How to add images to your green screen in iMovie
  • Creating a photographic background for your green screen using Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.
  • Shutterstock has royalty free stock backgrounds (including animated backgrounds) for green screens. Additionally, it has stock photos and footage you can purchase for use in your production. You will have to purchase most files.
  • Storyblocks – After effects and stock backgrounds for videos.

Video Editing Resources:

  • iMovie (iOS) – Free on every Mac
  • Davinci Resolve – Free, Video editing, color correction, compositing, sound design.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush The PAC Shop has licenses available upon request for a limited rental time.
  • OpenShot – Free simple video editing software.
  • Final Cut Pro – Free trial, $299.99 to buy. Has closed captioning software built in.

Remember that editing takes time!

Allow at least 1-2 weeks in your schedule for a video to be edited!

Audio Editing Resources:

  • GarageBand (Mac/IOS) – Free on every Mac. Also available for iPad/iphone
  • Adobe Audition (Mac or PC)
  • Reaper (Mac, PC, Linux) – Free trial (has education discount); A complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset. Free 60 day trial (full functions are available during trial).
  • Basic tips to EQ a voice in Audition – Some tips about how to make speaking voices sound great while editing audio tracks!
  • Soundtrap – A collaborative web based audio editing platform. Users can create and edit audio files together. Soundtrap has built in loops, or you can connect your own instruments. It also allows video conferencing while creating/editing. The PAC Shop has a license that can be used. Please contact the PAC Shop for info.

Streaming Resources:

  • OSB – Streaming Software (equivalent to a video switcher), which will allow multiple video inputs.
  • Liminal – The parent company for ZoomOSC and StreamWeaver. This is the equivalent of a video switcher or broadcast software.
  • QLab – Cueing software for audio, lighting, MIDI, and video, which will now integrate with Zoom!
  • Snap Camera – Allows you to use snapchat filters in video calls. Works with Zoom, Google hangouts, Bluejeans, and more!
  • Lens Studio – Allows you to create snapchat like filters.
  • Streamyard– This live streaming studio is where users can share screens, interview guests, & engage with the audience. You can stream directly on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and other platforms easily.